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Judd J. Balmer, Esq., Ltd., was founded over two decades ago to help victims of mold contaminationgreedy landlords, dishonest sellers and flippers of real estate and their realtors, arrogant HOAs, construction defects, insurance bad faith, and related issues get compensation for their injuries and damages. Our philosophy is simple:  Be aggressive.  Get in the trenches.  Fight hard for our clients. 


Judd J. Balmer, Esq., Ltd., is unique; we are a full service law firm that handles all of your issues related to renters' rights, toxic mold contamination, HOA disputes, construction defectswater damage, insurance bad faith, and real estate.  We pursue all of these related problems for you in one package, and we pursue whole solutions that encompass both property damage and personal injury, as well as your other losses.  


We are experienced and battle-tested in these complex legal arenas.  We routinely and successfully work with and against the nation's leading experts in mold-related and environmental issues, industrial hygiene issues, water damage issues, mold remediation issues, and construction defect issues. Judd J. Balmer, Esq., has lectured nationally on toxic mold litigation issues.  Most importantly, our client results in the arenas of construction defect, mold contamination, water damage, insurance bad faith, and related real estate issues are unparalleled in the region.  We stand up to big builders, goliath insurance companies, armies of defense lawyers, and the priciest of defense experts everyday, and win for our clients.  Ask anyone about our law firm's results.


Judd J. Balmer, Esq., Ltd., has been solving complex cases for more than a decade.  We can solve yours.  Call now to get the Balmer Law Firm on your side! 

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Toxic Mold Litigation, Renter's Rights/Eviction Defense, Real Estate Failure to Disclose, HOA Disputes, Insurance Bad Faith, Water Damage, Construction Defect, Personal Injuries,

Unsafe Workplace/OSHA/Whistleblower Protection.






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Our Law Firm's Past Successes

Judd J. Balmer, Esq., Ltd., has been extremely successful fighting for our clients.  Our past successes have earned our law firm a lifetime membership in the prestigious Million Dollar Advocates Forum, as well as membership in The National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Trial Lawyers.* 

*These honors are based upon past case results only and do not promise or guarantee the same or similar result or outcome in any future case.